YouTube Will Soon Show ‘Vertical’ Video Ads

First Snapchat, then Instagram, every social media platform is turning towards the vertical video which provides a more seamless mobile experience for viewers. Now, YouTube wants to join the same community of vertical videos. YouTube has officially unveiled that the platform will soon allow ad makers to promote their products using ‘vertical video’.

The new adoption of verticle videos for an advertisement on YouTube, let the advertisers provide even more seamless experience with their ad. Well, all the other functions will remain the same as of now. Whenever the ad will play, there will be a ‘Skip Ad’ button on right side downward corner, further, when user will tap on the ad, s/he will be redirected to an external link like the company’s website or anything else.

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YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan said that “When used in combination with the Google-owned platform’s classic horizontal video formats, the test campaign to promote the automaker’s most recent SUV model resulted in a 33% uplift in brand awareness and a 12% uptick in purchase consideration.”



Image: The Drum


As you can see in the image, during this feature trailer at the event, YouTube showed a Hyundai car advertisement on Pixel device. The ad is playing in vertical view and there is also a skip button on the right side downward corner.

“It’s actually something we had been hearing from advertisers and their creative agencies for some time, and now we’re happy to deliver it and my expectation is that what they do with it will exceed our expectations from a creativity standpoint,” Mohan told.

Let me know what do you think about this new vertical video ad feature on YouTube.

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