YouTube Has Now PiP Mode in Desktop: It is Now Live

YouTube: the giant hub for the videos. Without any doubt, YouTube is now most used platform more than the television. People are spending there most of the time to watch videos on the YouTube and to keep them on this giant platform, YouTube is adding more and more unique features.

It’s Just Awesome!

From the last couple of months, YouTube has added tons of features. Dark Mode, Live streaming subtitles and YouTube TV and much more. Another new feature has been added now. That’s the Picture-in-Picture mode. This just was spotted by me when I was watching a video. You can see in the screen below. The video I am watching is on the right side lower corner.


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With this new Picture-in-Picture mode in the YouTube, the user can do anything that they want to do on YouTube. While the video is playing, the first user will need to start the Picture-in-Picture mode and after the user can search for anything they want. In fact, the user can also visit others channels as well. Before this feature, the user has to open a new tab for different search or anything. But seems this feature looks so much useful and interesting.

Just in case if you don’t know recently YouTube has announced another new feature, that’s the automatic subtitles for the live videos. Well, YouTube has the ability to generate the subtitles automatically in the uploaded videos but now they have such algorithms which can now generate the subtitles in the live videos for the better understanding of the viewers. Still in the future more features to come on this platforms. But, honestly speaking, with the present features YouTube is one of the best platforms for the online videos.