YouTube Music Song Unavailable Error – Quick Fix

A few years back YouTube came into the Music industry and launched revamped YouTube music after entirely ditching the Google play music. Recently many people have encountered an issue with YouTube music. The users were unable to shuffle the songs on the platform and the error was showing that “Song Unavailable”. Keep reading, YouTube Music Song Unavailable Error – Quick Fix

YouTube music has gained popularity lately because of its affordable price and cool features such as background videos and rich libraries.

YouTube Music Song Unavailable Error

Like every other music player, YouTube music allows users to download the song offline and listen to it later. The downloaded song can be arranged in your favorite playlist and shuffle the song.

This issue is stopping users to listen to downloaded songs in shuffle mode as it is showing an error saying, The song is unavailable.

Another issue users found is that One song keeps repeating even after the shuffle is enabled and repeat is disabled.

How to Solve YouTube Music Song Unavailable Error

There is a workaround for the same issue.

You have to delete all the downloads and redownload all the songs that you want to play in your device offline.

It has solved the issue for many users on Reddit so that should work for your device as well.

I know the process is a bit hectic but until google solves this issue you can try this method.

For the repeat song issue, users can try enabling shuffle from the three-dot option in the menu and not from the shuffle icon. The issue was resolved for many users on Reddit and other forums.

Although there is no official statement yet from YouTube regarding the issue. So until a team of developers at YouTube find the issue and solves it, you can try this workaround.

Also, if you have any other problems or found any bugs then you can contact us on our mail id. We will try to cover that and find a possible solutions for the same.

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