YouTube is Giving YouTube Premium for Free: Here’s How to Get it

YouTube has launched a new referral program to help spread the word about the YouTube premium and make people used to its new service. If you want to be part of the premium family just like others then here’s how to get YouTube Premium for free.

How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

YouTube Premium costs about Rs. 129 or $11.99 as a regular price but under its referral bonus, you will get it completely free or as low as Rs. 10 or $0.99 for three months.

This program was first reported by 9to5Google, starting that many users getting prompted as soon as they opened YouTube a few hours ago about the referral benefits.

According to the YouTube referral policy, those who refer to their friends or family will get one month of YouTube premium for completely free and the referer can get a maximum of 12 months just by sharing links to 2 people and making them join the premium family.

That’s not it, even the one who subscribes with the referral link will only have to pay Rs. 10 for the three months of subscription. The only condition is that you must not have availed free trial before.

Steps to Get YouTube Premium for Free

  1. Open YouTube

    Open the YouTUbe application on your Android or iOS device and head over to your profile from the upper right corner.

  2. Tap – YouTube Premium Benefits

    Here you will see an additional option – YouTube Premium Benefits, just tap on that.

  3. Tap on the Banner saying – Get 12 Months of Free Service

    Here there will be a banner about the free service, tap on that and enter the offer.

  4. Enter Referral link

    You’ll have to enter the referral link shared by a premium member. Then only you’ll be able to get it for as low as Rs. 10. That’s It enjoy the benefits.

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