Your Smartphone is Hurting Your Health, Do You Clean It?

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The smartphone is now like a toy for everyone. Children cannot live without its most favorite toy while youngers cannot live without a smartphone. However, today I just want to ask you all users a one question. When do you clean your smartphone in a whole day? The reply should be ‘never’. Even I personally forget to clean my phone and sharing this article with you.

Your smartphone is a hub for millions of different bacterias which can cause disease. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep it clean. However, some bacterias are good for humans but now we are talking about the baneful bacterias. And people spend their most of the time with smartphones. So, it clearly makes sense that they also stay in touch with bacterias.

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As per learned by University of Michigan Epidemiology Prof. Emily Toth Martin, if you have the smartphone which has a number of bacterias on it, can invite the serious disease and create the bad impact on your health. As noticed that people often use their smartphone while they are eating food at home or in the restaurant. Further, people even keep their phones in hand in the washroom.

Professor Philip at Langone school of medicine noticed that majority of people suffer from the food poisoning when they use their smartphone without proper cleaning. Bacteria attacks on them. So, you can say, your smartphone is the way for bacteria to easily enter and attack your body. So, it requires a proper cleaning. And Prof. Philip says he cleans his mobile phone two times in a day.

Well, the cleaning is not the only one that you should consider, it is equally necessary to place your phone on the clean surface. Yes, you do not have to worry if you don’t use your phone while eating food, but you should try to keep it bacteria free. Further, if you are using any rubber case then just for a reference that bacteria stick twice in a number on rubber surface than metal or glass surface.

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