Your Guide to Improving a MacBook’s Performance

MacBooks are some of the most reliable computers you can find in the current market. However, it does not mean that you can expect a flawless performance. Over time, you are bound to notice some sluggishness. And in some cases, though they are rare, there might be even bigger problems with the Mac.

Do not expect that these issues will solve themselves. If anything, they will only snowball and increase in severity.

You need to create a proper maintenance routine so that the computer is not neglected. It might feel like a chore to take care of your MacBook, but it is a must if you wish to avoid taking it to a computer service shop on a regular basis.

The purpose of this article (Your Guide to Improving a MacBook’s Performance) is to give you some ideas on how you should approach the MacBook maintenance routine.

Dust Inside

Let’s start with the dust inside your laptop clogging the internal fans. If the internal fans aren’t working optimally, it is expected that the device will underperform. In addition, there is a risk to the hardware because of overheating. Not to mention that you will hear a loud noise that should not be ignored.

The issue with the dust inside a laptop is the trickiness of cleaning it. Hardly anyone is willing to take the device apart because it involves certain risks.

Think of the reluctance to clean the dust yourself as a sign that you are smart. Do not risk damaging the MacBook, and have a professional do the work for you instead. It will cost money, but the investment is worth it if it eliminates unnecessary risks. It will definitely help you improve the Macbook’s performance.


In a way, storage problems are similar to dust because of all the junk that accumulates over time. 

MacBook users who are not careful are bound to run into storage issues on their computers. Of course, it does not help that HDDs or SSDs on Macs do not offer that much space in the first place, but most of it comes down to how one manages their storage.

For starters, it is crucial to get a cleanup utility tool that eliminates extensions, localization data, cache, and other temporary system data that is more or less obsolete.

Next, you need to check whether there are redundant duplicate and media files. For the latter, it is also worth considering a different approach. Hoarding music and other media is not recommended when you have access to streaming platforms.

In case you want to keep some of the files rather than remove them permanently, how about external storage? iCloud and accessories like USB flash sticks or HDDs are a good solution.

The bottom line is that there are multiple ways to free up storage on a MacBook, and you should utilize them as much as you can to improve the Macbook’s performance.


Battery issues are difficult to overcome because they require technical knowledge regarding internal hardware. You are unlikely to tinker with the battery yourself if you lack specific information.

Having said that, if the performance problem is related to the mac not charging or charging inefficiently, then there are a few things you can try.

First, launch Activity Monitor and sort processes by energy usage. You might find redundant background apps consuming battery, and quitting them should make a positive difference.

Redundant visual effects, such as animations, could also be one of the reasons why your MacBook’s battery is lackluster. Even if they do not seem like much, these effects impact the battery, meaning that you should disable them.

Finally, get in the habit of unplugging the charger once the battery reaches 100%. Overcharging is known to cause battery problems on laptops, which includes MacBooks. So keep these in mind to improve the Macbook’s performance.


It helps when you have a reliable operating system in macOS that is known for its security. However, one needs to understand that even MacBooks are prone to viruses and other security threats.

Installing and using reliable antivirus software is a must, even if it takes a bit of a toll on the device’s resources. You need to make sure that antivirus software is running in the background. Otherwise, it will not detect and react to a potential threat.

Installing OS updates and avoiding shady things online helps with the overall security as well, but a good anti-malware tool is usually enough to deal with the majority of threats regardless of their severity.


To sum it all up, the 4 points in this article should be the key you want to focus on as a MacBook user. Taking care of your device is necessary, and you want to make sure that the MacBook is optimized for good performance.

In case things get out of hand and you cannot control the situation anymore, there is the option to reinstall the OS and give the laptop a clean slate. Or, if you do not feel like dealing with the problem yourself, rely on professionals you can find in computer service shops.

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