Xiaomi’s MIUI Camera will Be Getting 9 New Features, Here’s What Are They

Xiaomi is now a leading smartphone brand, at least in India. And now for 2019 the company spinning off the Redmi brand and making it as a sub-brand just like the POCO. In 2019, the company’s first smartphone will be the first Redmi device under the Redmi sub-brand which is scheduled to launch on January 10th. The device rumored to come with the 48MP camera so, you might be excited to know more about it. Well, here we got you covered.

One of the XDA members found a whole list of upcoming features that the company could be working on soon they might be implemented in MIUI camera for Xiaomi devices. The MIUI camera app is full of hints that leads us to think about the feature on which the company’s developers are working. Well, the list is quite long. Total it includes 9 features that you see in MIUI camera in future updates.

01. Custom Watermark

Arguably, custom watermarks are the most helpful feature for ‘manufacturers’. It’s free advertising of their device. While some users don’t like the custom watermarks. The watermarks often tell us about the device from which the picture is taken and in Xiaomi’s case, the watermark will be located on the bottom left corner with the camera sign. So, the MIUI camera will soon enable this feature on all Xiaomi phones which will add watermark on images that you capture using MIUI camera.

02. Ultra Wide Angle Mode

We all know Xiaomi is not in the race of wide-angle lenses on phones. And this is the major reason why user cannot be able to capture wide-angle shots. It seems the company does care about their users and as found by the XDA member, there are strings inside the camera app which suggests, in future MIUI camera could have a mode which lets the user take ultra wide shots with the normal camera.

03. Live Shot/Dynamic Photos

Live images were first introduced by Apple in their iPhone. With this feature, one can capture a very short moment in the image. So, it behaves like a video when to tap and hold on it.

04. Live Music

You might know TikTok where the user can make a short video using any music they want. It seems Xiaomi is planning to give the same feature in their MIUI camera app. So, with this mode enabled, a user can choose any music track from their phone and make a short video and share it with their friends.

05. Portrait Mode Effects

There is nothing to say here except this for new effects/filters that MIUI camera will get for portrait mode; Tea, Lilt, Sepia, and Dusk.

06. Adjustable Bokeh

Nothing surprising here. Adjustable bokeh is must needed feature for every smartphone camera having portrait mode. With this feature, the user can adjust the blur level in the image which could be insane. The amount of blurriness depends on the aperture. So, in other words, this feature will allow a user to adjust aperture.

07. New Color Effects for Videos

Xiaomi is going to add eight new effects for the videos that you capture via camera. Following are those: Orchid, Xpro, Black and White, Pale, Bauhinia, Mousse, Sky Blue, and Sepia.

08. Beauty Mode for Bodies

Xiaomi’s MIUI camera app already has beauty mode. But, sadly it only allows the user to beautify their faces. While this new feature will beatify everything including neck, shoulders, head, body, etc.

09. Motion Photos

Introduced with the Google Pixel 2, Motion Photos feature allows the user to record several frames before and after you take the photo. In short, it’s a super small video. After that Samsung also introduced this feature in Galaxy devices. And now, it seems Xiaomi will also introduce this feature soon in the MIUI camera app.


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