Xiaomi Mi8 Front Panel and Box Image Popped Up on Internet

Over the past couple of months we have seen so many leaks of OnePlus 6 and finally, the wait is over. The much-anticipated smartphone is launched. Anyways, the rumor mill will always continue to generate new rumors and leaks of smartphones. This time we have Xiaomi Mi8! I know it is somehow surprising. Still, we don’t know anything about Xiaomi Mi7, when it will be launched and new Xiaomi Mi8 creates the more confusion.

However, if you closely note the rumors, you will notice that rumor mill was quite accurate this time. Xiaomi’s newly launched Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S was quite perfect in every leaks and rumor. So, there may be possibilities for this leaks to showing the Xiaomi Mi8 box and front panel.

Today we have two new leaks watered on the internet: Xiaomi Mi8 front panel and retail box. The front panel was first spotted on Weibo website, which is indeed the first place for every new leak. Panel image clearly gives us a hint of having the notch on the front of the phone. Another smartphone manufacturer which is going to place their feet in notch family.

The Xiaomi Mi8 is the next flagship smartphone from Xiaomi will have the high-end specifications. So, there may be chances it will have the 3D facial recognization method similar to the Apple’s iPhone X and this can be confirmed by those circular cuts provided on the notch. There is no any other clue expect that ‘8’ next to those Chinese text proves this is Xiaomi Mi8 front panel.

Meanwhile, another retail box image surfaced online having the big 8 on the top which can probably the hint for us. Now, it clearly depends upon us how we think. However, the rumor mill suggests Xiaomi can skip the Mi7 device and they will directly jump on Xiaomi Mi8. If they launch Xiaomi Mi7, you can expect the Xiaomi Mi8 device in next year. Now the big question is here: Will Xiaomi launch Mi7 and Mi8 both device in this year? What do you think about this next flagships? Let us know in the comment section below.