Xiaomi Mi A1 Supports Project Treble / Seamless Update

What is Project Treble?

Project Treble is most commonly described as an attempt by Google to modularize the Android OS framework to separate vendor-specific code. Other companies use different chips from vendors. now vendors refer to the silicon chip manufacturer like Qualcomm, Kirin… So when new Android version releases company need to depend on vendors. So the proprietary hardware works with the Android OS framework in a newer version of Android.

But Google started this Project treble after the Android Oreo launch so now the company no longer need support from the Vendors so the process of delivering Android can be fast.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Seamless Update

Seamless updates don’t require the vendor modification so a company can provide update faster to the user. Xiaomi Mi A1 is the first xiaomi device that supports the Project Treble. Mi A1 is based on the Android One program and Google is making software for them, It will be very easy to provide the update and it will be faster.

Additionally, if you are curious to see the changes the Xiaomi Mi A1 brings to the table, Xiaomi has posted the full system image for the device on its website. The system image available is for version N2G47H.7.8.23 (Android N) and comes in at 1.28GB in size.

If you own the xiaomi Mi A1 and still want to check on your device then you can follow the exact same method that I used and already wrote an article on it.

Check If Your Device Supports Seamless Updates