Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Will Be Available in These Four Different Colors

Xiaomi fans are waiting for Mi 8 Youth launch which is set for September 19. Many leaks and rumors are on the web and I guess they have covered almost every information from internals to its colors. But, who knows each day a new leaks coming in light. Anyways, keeping all of that other information on the side just for some moments. In this article, I have covered all of the color variants of the upcoming Mi 8 Youth device which are going to available for users.

Twilight Gold

First, we have here – A Twilight Gold edition. Just like the Huawei devices, the Mi 8 will have the glass on the back which will shift the color from Pink to Gold or vice-versa as per different lighting conditions. The image was officially made available by Xiaomi.


Fantasy Blue

Just like the Twilight Gold edition, the Fantasy Blue variant will also have glass on the back side having two different colors – Blur and Purple. As per different lighting conditions, the color will shift from Blue to Purple or vice-versa. This pic also made available by Xiaomi.


With the Apple’s iPhone XS launch, Xiaomi made fun of Apple with this promotional banner. We have shared a banner in out Telegram channel. Well, in the image, Xiaomi shows their Mi 8 Youth device compared with iPhone XS. But if you focus on the design and color, the variant is Gold finished rim. And it is a clear hint for us from the company itself, that the Mi 8 Youth will be available in the Gold variant.


Deep Gray

At the last the Deep Gray variant. There are rumors, the Mi 8 Youth may become available in Deep Gray variant. While this is not the official image from the Xiaomi. It is rumored pic on the web. If you have seen the earlier, Huawei Mate 10 was available at Porsche Design. This image reflects the same.

Let me know what do you think about this all color variants.

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