Xiaomi Explains More on How Its New In-display Camera Technology Works

Xiaomi and Oppo already working on in-display camera technology. And I would personally call it a clever idea to hide a front camera on phone plus to provide full-screen experience. It does mean, we are on the edge of losing the ‘notch’ trend. Not soon, but of course in the upcoming few months when you will see the first in-display camera phone goes public.

Now, I am honestly speaking, I was not turning around the idea of how this technology would work ‘internally’. Of course, we can guess there is a low reflective glass. But, not the actual working principle. Xiaomi’s senior vice president Wang Xiang yesterday, shared some slides on his official Twitter handle that explained how the feature works in real-life.

In-Display Camera Technology is Not Yet Fully Ready

In the prototype, Xiaomi implemented a larger camera sensor which would size around 3.xx mm. The camera is embedded with the OLED panel and instead of providing a notch or punch hole for housing, the module is covered with ‘special low-reflective glass with high transmittance’.

Going in further technical information, compared to the normal display, in the transparent display, the Anode and Cathode replaced by transparent Anode and transparent Cathode which allows environment light to pass throughout the display. So, that it can enter into the camera module.

As a result, when there is camera mode turned on, the embedded camera-display combo allows capturing perfect, clear and sharp selfies compared to punch-hole or notch camera design. And when camera mode turned off, the transparent display works like a normal one. So that users can enjoy their content in full-screen view.

Xiaomi’s in-display camera technology doesn’t appear perfect yet. In the image, I have attached below (without any touches), clearly we can see the embedded under-display camera even if there is full screen. But, now, at least now we have this technology which can allow the user to view their content on full screen without any annoying notch.

Xiaomi has clearly said, “currently exploring the possibility.” In the upcoming months, we will definitely see a more clever solution for the front camera system. And we wouldn’t expect this tech in smartphones before the second half of 2020.


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