Meet Xiaomi’s New AI Technology that Let’s Turn Your Bad Photos into Good One

What are your parameters to decide the purchase of any smartphones? Maybe internals. But let’s say the phone has high-end specifications. Then the second parameter must be the camera right? Undoubtedly, the camera is a most-used feature in smartphones. And if you just have observed, then you must know that after the performance, smartphone manufacturers are working on the camera technology. And it is not surprising. The new artificial intelligence technology has made everything simple. Especially to add that bokeh effect like the DSLR cameras.

Original image (left) vs two variants of the DeepExposure algorithm

Well according to the new report, Xiaomi is working on a new solution for making your bad clicked images into the good one. The feature is termed as “DeepExposure” AI. When the camera fails to capture the best image, the photo editing software comes into the use. By applying different layers of effects, you can make your image look stunning. And especially when the image is clicked at night, the camera fails to capture the face properly. But, by increasing exposure in editing software, you can make it perfect. So, exposure is the amount of light let in for a picture.

Now, jumping over the Xiaomi’s DeepExposure tech, it divides the image into multiple parts then it adjusts the exposure of each segment separately. Once the operation is completed, all parts will be merged together and the resulting image will be brighter and will have the superior details. According to the report, Xiaomi has trained their new DeepExposure AI tech by using 3,000 different pictures from the MIT-Adobe FiveK dataset. It includes both RAW as well as the retouched pictures.

For now, you can say the feature is same as the Google’s Night Sight and OnePlus’ Night Scape. The Night Sight feature uses the algorithms to analyze the different exposure level in the clicked image. Then it divides them into the different parts, sets the exposure and merges it. Well, the new Night Sight feature has just blown out everyone’s mind because it provides the superior image quality.


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