Xiaomi’s two Android One Devices with In-display Fingerprint Sensor are in Work

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has some underrated smartphone lineups include Note series and ‘A’ series. With Mi A1, Xiaomi has been part of Google’s AndroidOne project. While remaining all series are running Xiaomi’s MIUI, which is still quite buggy. It is true Xiaomi working on MIUI and over the year it is improved a lot. But, it seems stock Android is still more preferable.

Well, according to the recent XDA’s analysis, the company is working on three new smartphones right now. A Junior member has spotted that those three devices are code-named ‘pyxis‘, ‘bamboo_sprout‘ and ‘cosmos_sprout‘. Now, it is clear here that ‘bamboo_sprout’ and ‘cosmos_sprout’ could be the Android One smartphone. Because picking up the older records, smartphones running on Android One are given _sprout suffix at the end of its main code name. While the non _sprout device could be the Chinese variant of the ‘bamboo_sprout’.

It is also noted that all the three smartphones are being tested with the fingerprint on display. That means devices will have an in-display fingerprint sensor. Now, it remains to see whether it will have an ultrasonic or optical in-display fingerprint sensor. But, looking upon the various speculations made by XDA, these Xiaomi devices won’t have Snapdragon 855 chipset because it requires the expensive flexible OLED display. So, you can expect the devices to be running on mid-range chipsets. And the possibility is for Snapdragon 675 or Snapdragon 710.

Further, all the smartphones could feature a 32MP front-facing cameras. Xiaomi already moved for 48MP camera sensor but there aren’t any steps for the front-facing camera. 32MP camera will able to capture images with a resolution of 6560 x 4928 pixels and also it will have pixel binning tech.

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