Why You Should Skip The Mi A2

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Xiaomi launched the Mi A2 a few days back, the successor to its younger brother, the Mi A1, which was a very well received a phone. In fact, it had the best dual camera you could get at that price back in the days.

But we are here to talk about the Mi A2. No doubt it is a very well balanced phone, here are some things that might make you want to skip the phone:

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The launch of honor play: 

The honor play was launched on August 6 and this is the biggest competitor to the Mi A2. It features the Kirin 970 processor which is used in their flagship, the P20 pro. On the other hand, the Mi A2 features the Snapdragon 660. The Kirin 970 just blows away the SD 660 out of the ground with its flagship like performance.


The mi A2 has a modern 18:9 display and a good design, no doubt about that. But the thing is, the design is just boring. There are still bezels on the top and bottom which are quite noticeable. Also, it has no notch and I agree that may be a pro, but having a notch gives a tad bit of modern look to the phone and the bezels also feel quite minimal. To say the least, the design of the Mi A2 is boring and quite a copy paste of the redmi note 5 pro.


The Mi A2 just has a 3000 mAh battery which is not sufficient at all since it has the power that gigantic display and a quite powerful processor. Reports suggest that it would get you through a day with light usage but if you are anything like me who plays a lot of games, you can easily kill it in 3 hours or less.

Lack of headphone jack and SD card expansion: 

The Mi A2 lacks the widely used headphone jack and the option to expand the storage through memory card. I don’t what sense it makes for Xiaomi to remove the headphone jack since the Mi A1 had a dedicated audio deck for the headphone jack which made the audio experience a true pleasure. Also having an SD card slot gives a lot of flexibility in transfer data from your PC to your phone and vice versa.

Room for new accessories:

Since the mi a2 lacks quite a lot of features, you need to invest in some accessories out gadgets to cope with them

•You will need to buy a wireless headphone since it doesn’t have the headphone jack. A good pair or wireless headphones cost about 2.5k INR.

•Since the Mi A2 has a lesser battery, you will need to get a power bank if you don’t have access to charge the phone or you travel a lot. The Mi 10,000 mAh power bank from Xiaomi itself costs about 1.5k INR.

•Even though the Mi A2 has quick charge 4+, the stock charger included in the box isn’t that good and doesn’t use the phone’s true charging potential. In turn, you’ll need to buy a separate fast charger to charge your phone quicker.

So those were the things due to which you might wanna skip the mi a2. If the points mentioned don’t matter to you all that much, the phone is a very good deal @ 16,999 INR

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