Pete Lau Explains Why 6T Lacks ‘Headphone Jack’

OnePlus 6T – I guess it was one the most anticipated smartphone until now. 6T got some nifty changes over the OnePlus 6 however, under the hood everything remains the same. But, I have to say, OnePlus’ software engineers have been working hard to improve the performance. With the same internals and new well optimized OxygenOS, the OnePlus 6T is now the fastest device.

On another side, the buyer will have to sacrifice the headphone jack. The new OnePlus 6T doesn’t come with the 3.5mm headphone jack and the company’s CEO has already done a brief talk with the media for this new step to move forward. Pete Lau is not the company’s CEO but he is co-founder as well as the Product Manager.

So, in talks with the media, Pete Lau said, “The removal of the headphone jack allows for the integration of the in-display fingerprint scanner, while it also allowed the company to implement a larger battery in the device.” The 6T is now fueled by the 3,700 mAh battery, which I guess the nice upgrade since OnePlus 6 device. “Creating a product that everyone likes is impossible, but he emphasized that user feedback is extremely important to the company.”, he adds.

The company’s CEO Pete Lau stays very much active in OnePlus Forum and on is Twitter profile where sometimes he also asks using the poll to the OnePlus’ audiences about the company’s next move towards the new feature or existing feature. In the talk, Mr. Lau said that the company did a survey regarding the wired and wireless headphones in which around 60% of people participated said that they are already using the wireless headphones.

Well, now it is clear that the company has made a decision in favor of technology – the in-display fingerprint sensor and a bigger battery. Which according to me is the nice move? Now, why? So, let’s put the bugger battery on the side for now and focus on the in-display fingerprint sensor. If you can manage to recall the new 6T has the world’s fastest in-display fingerprint sensor that lets you unlock your smartphone in just 0.36 seconds. However, this is OnePlus’s first generation fingerprint sensor. In future, this will definitely get the better improvement with the time.


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