Which App is Slowing Down Your Device? Find Out Now – A Quick Guide

The mobile market gets a new toy every day with highest end internals. And we know in which people are highly interested. That’s the performance. With new boiled hot games will also make take your temperature at a higher level. So, it is obvious to find out the application which is slowing down your device. Well, here for what I am. In this article, we will be taking look at the quick guide that will help you to find out useless apps.

Main Causes

Here I would not like to only blame games for draining your device battery and to eat RAM in order to provide better performance but there are some other applications as well which requires proper space in RAM. And if you are a well-experienced person, the majority of users feel slow performance while they use Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, etc. Those applications require higher RAM in order to provide the better user experience. Now, you what you have to do.


How to Find App that Slowing Down Your Phone?

You can offload all of those useless applications from your device and significantly improve your device performance.

  • Go into ‘Settings’ of your device.
  • Find out ‘Storage’ option from the list and head over in it. In the storage section, you will be able to see the local storage space consumed by the applications.
  • But, we are interested to increase the performance. So, there you should get the ‘Memory’ option. (If you are Xiaomi user you should have ‘Cleaner’ option. Go into it and on next screen, you should get the option for ‘Deep Clean’ on right side upper corner.)
  • On the next screen, you should get all the information about memory management. You will get to know which application is consuming a lot of memory and you can take action right now. (Xiaomi users: You can use ‘Deep Clean’ feature in order to find out the memory consumption and internal storage management.)

Please do let me know in the comment section if you are still facing some sort of issue. We will definitely reply you.