WhatsApp to Bring Dark Mode, Fingerprint Unlock and more in 2019

Facebook own Whatsapp has 1.5 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp is on the go best messaging application to connect with the world. It also allows to talk to the person who is not using the same operating system and that is why many users prefer WhatsApp instead of iMessage.

WhatsApp keeps trying new features. In 2018, the company introduced Sticker feature, swipe to reply, WhatsApp payment and many more feature to give the best user experience to their monthly active users. The company will introduce more of the features like Dark Mode, Fingerprint unlocks, Sticker search and more…

Here is What Features WhatsApp could introduce in 2019:

WhatsApp Dark Mode:

Telling goodnight to your loved ones won’t be the pain as WhatsApp is testing dark mode for their platform. The dark mode will help give less strain to your eyes. The dark mode will be OLED friendly so it will also save some amount of battery in OLED display devices. The official date for the dark mode isn’t known yet so make sure you stay tuned with us on Telegram or facebook.

Fingerprint Unlock:

WABetaInfo reported that WhatsApp is working to add TouchID and FaceID support on iOS platform and this feature will be definitely available on the Android device. As of now, we have to type the password which every time to open the WhatsApp which is more effort. With the update, this is gonna be easy to use for everyone.

Sticker Search:

WhatsApp introduced sticker feature in 2018 end and it’s not perfect. You need to download sticker pack from the play store to be able to use it. In the new update, you will be able to search sticker pack by just putting a name in sticker window just like emoji search and GIF search.

Video Previews:

This feature will allow users to watch video previews right from the notification panel. The current version of WhatsApp only allows users to see images and gifs from the notifications panel.

Voice Messages:

Those who use voice message a lot for communication this feature is useful for them. When you receive more than one voice message you don’t need to play every voice message manually. You just need to play first voice message and it will continue playing other after one completes.

So, These are the features that we might see in the upcoming WhatsApp updates. There might be more features that WhatsApp is working internally but we don’t have further information as of now. Make sure to follow us on our social media to get notified when these features go live.


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