WhatsApp Has Now Made Payment Feature Even More Easy: Here’s How!

Earlier month WhatsApp application got the new feature called WhatsApp Payments to send or receive money. But this feature was in the test phase in the last month. But what in actual it does? For those who do not know, WhatsApp application enables the user to send the payment to others by using the UPI IDs directly in the private chats or in group chats and with that WhatsApp is now another platform in India bringing the digital payments.

Send To UPI ID

For the first the “Send to UPI ID” button was available only in the private chats and group chats, however, there some people reporting that now in the new update this “Send to UPI ID” button is available in the settings also and using that you can also send the payments. Now, what is the best thing!? It is that to send payment to anyone now user don’t have to go to the in individual chats or group chats. This new feature allows the users to directly send payments to the unique UPI IDs without entering into the conversation thread.

To get the new feature just update your WhatsApp application from the Google Play Store and go into WhatsApp applications> Settings> Payments> Send Payment> Send to UPI ID. You will find this new button on top of the contacts list. Once you are in, you should get the prompt on your device screen. So enter the UPI ID of the recipient to whom you want to send the payment. The previous one process was quite long. First user has to go into the conversation thread, then attach button and where there is a Payment button.

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The new feature is available for the Android WhatsApp Beta testers. If you are the Bets tester, you can update the WhatsApp from the Google PlayStore. The version is 2.18.75. For the iOS users, this feature is available in the stable version 2.18.31.

Furthermore, there is annoying thing WhatsApp has also added and that’s the Notify button which informs the user that they have still not created a payment account. But yes, this notification comes only when someone tries to send the payment to you. So, whenever you will connect your bank account with the WhatsApp payment method and complete the process, your sender will receive the notification regarding your connected account.

Back again in the past, there are lots of applications available offers such kind of facilities like Google Tez, Paytm, Bhim, etc. but the thing is that people do the trust on them. Because of the new feature in the WhatsApp people are scared of it. But with this new Send UPI ID feature, WhatsApp soon will be another trustable platform to send or receive payments.