WhatsApp Denied Indian Government Request of Tracing WhatsApp Messages

Whether you use WhatsApp or don’t, it’s the app which you can spot on 8 out of 10 smartphones in 2019. Of course, there could be a variety of reseasons. However, there are numbers of users who spread wrong information which citing crucial results. To take control of them, the Indian Government asked WhatsApp to allow them to trace messages. But, ‘again’ WhatsApp denied the request.

To stop message breaching from the WhatsApp server, the company has implemented end-to-end encryption in the chat. So that no one can get access to WhatsApp chats and trace them. According to the report from Economic Times Tech, Indian Government requested WhatsApp to allow them to trace messages by setting up the digital fingerprint to every message sent across this platform between the sender and receiver.

So, that Indian Government can track the original message. Also, they can know how many times the same message has been shared or forwarded across the platform. With the digital fingerprint access, Indian Government can easily keep an eye on messages sent between the sender and receiver without affecting the end-to-end encryption.

This is not the one time Indian Government asking WhatsApp for access. They have asked for so many times since 2018. And every time WhatsApp has denied their request.

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp now has more than 1.25 Billion active users every day. So, you can imagine how much bigger the exchange number could be. There is no status from WhatsApp regarding the news whatsoever. So, you can keep yourself updated with upcoming news by following us.

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