What is Titan Security How it Works in Google Pixel 3 Device!

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are most secure phone available in the market right now. Google spoke a little about the Titan security at the Google’s hardware event. Now, Google published an article on their blog explaining how it works. So, We are explaining you in simple language what it is and how it works.

Google uses Titan M. Chip/Hardware on their new devices to increase the security. The Pixel 3 takes security to the next level with something called “Titan Security.”

Titan Chip does a few things in the Pixel 3 Device. First, It makes sure that your device is running to right android version. Titan Chip prevents from attempting to move to the outdated Android version or unlocking the bootloader.

A closer look at Titan M

On the screen, you will get a fewer login attempt and after successfully verified Titan chip will allow the decryption. Titan M. will also secure the 3rd party bank transactions.

It also Enforcing factory-reset policies, so that lost or stolen phones can only be restored to operation by the authorized owner. Even Google can’t unlock the phone or update the firmware without the owner’s cooperation.

Titan M. is all about the improving the security of Android device. Google is seriously considering improving the security of their devices.

Lastly, Google also said that Titan M. is an insider attack resistance. That means firmware on Titan cannot be upgraded without the entering the passcode. The attacker can’t bypass the lock screen without security firmware. All these features make the Google Pixel 3 a very secure device.

This is a really good step from Google to increase the security of Android device. Hope all other company will do the same.

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