Vivo V11 Pro Tips and Tricks to Get Most Out of The Device!

Vivo V11 is one of the best devices that Vivo launched in India. Previous devices that Vivo launched wasn’t the value for money and lacked the specification at that price point. But Vivo V11 Pro is much better than any other device Vivo launched. So, If you bought the device or planning to buy it, here are the 10 tips and tricks that you should know.

#1. Customize Display

Vivo V11 Pro has an AMOLED panel. by default, the colors of the screen are a little bit washed to comfort the eyes and one can easily read things. You can solve the color issue by going into the setting.

Setting –> Display and Brightness –> Color Temperature Adjustment –> Turn ON

#2. Customize Always-On Display settings

Vivo V11 Pro using AMOLED display, since then you get access to the Always-ON display. It will eat some of your battery but it won’t be a lot. You can customize the clock style and change the background in it.

Lock Screen –> Home Screen –> Wallpaper –> Always-on Display –> Customize

#3. Change Navigation Button or Navigation Gesture

You can change navigation button position or style if you’re not comfortable with the default one.

Settings –> System Navigation –> Customize

#4. Turn ON Auto Call Recordings

FunTouch OS also provides features like Auto call recordings and call forwarding.

Setting –> Phone –> Record Settings

#5. Dual Applications

You can use two applications on the same device and use simulating different accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, CoC etc..

Settings –> App Clone –> Clone the app you want to use 

#6. In-Display Fingerprint Sensor and Face Unlock

Vivo V11 Pro has a 4th Generation In-Display Fingerprint sensor which is very fast said Vivo. The device has both In-Display Fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock in case you don’t like either.

Settings –> Fingerprint –> Set Face or Password

#7. Turn On Flashlight Notifications

If you like the flashlight blinks whenever you get notifications or calls then it has inbuilt feature. You can enable it from the settings.

Setting –> More Setting –> Flashlight Notifications –> Turn ON

#8. Turn ON Face Beauty for Video Calls

Other mobile device doesn’t have this feature, but Vivo provides this features so that you look better in other apps as well, Mostly while doing video calls.

Settings –> More Settings –> Face Beauty for Video Calls

#9. Double Tap to Turn OFF Display

Double tap to turn of is a very handy feature and you don’t need to press the button every time you wants to turn off.

Settings –> Smart Motion –> Smart Wake –> Enable

#10. Motor Bike Mode

Motorbike mode comes in handy when you’re driving a bike. You can choose if you want to reject all calls and send them a custom message or something else.

Setting –> Motorbike Mode –> Enable

#11. Portrait Photos

The camera quality of the Vivo is good enough. There are a lot of feature Vivo Camera have, that you can use of. Vivo camera app looks alike iPhone Camera but that doesn’t matter at this moment.

Open Camera –> Enable Portrait mode