Why You Should Use Custom ROM instead of Stock ROM in 2018

What is ROM, Stock ROM, and Custom ROM?

ROM is Read-only Memory. Which includes every storage in your device like Internal Storage, Software/UI, Cached data and all the data which is on your device. There is no true ROM is available on the mobile device. True ROM will only allow to read the memory and disallow to write the data but we can store on our device so what exactly they are using and why its named ROM? What we have in phones is closer to EEPROM, which is the technology used for BIOS in PCs. EEPROMs can be re-written a limited number of times and require special procedures. As you know, you can “flash” a BIOS and you can flash a phone. But… That is still not true. What we have on phones is flash storage, which is a form of NVRAM, of which a portion is set by software as read-only. So it’s flash storage which is used in a mobile device which is incorrectly referred as ROM.


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A file containing the executable instructions (a system image) of an Android OS and affiliated apps. The “stock ROM” comes installed on the phone or tablet, while a “custom ROM” comes from a third party.

Why Custom ROM?

There are several reasons to get a custom ROM instead of using Stock ROM. We will look at all one by one. 

#1. Company Doesn’t provide regular updates and you want to experience latest Android version.

When you buy budget phones the biggest problem is that you never get update or company provides an update after a year of the official launch at that time new android version is already launched. But custom ROM always provides you the latest update in no time. Just after a month of official launch custom ROM is available for most of the famous devices. So that you get latest Android experience on your device.

#2.  Replace Manufacturer UI With a Stock Version of Android

Stock ROM is not always the great option. There are tons of feature missing or that you don’t like and there is no customization at all. Yes, Stock ROMs comes with some tweaks and an extra feature that stock android doesn’t have but its user interface is not always good.


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#3.  Tons of Extra Customization

Yes, you heard it right. Many Custom ROM supports tons of customization. If you like customization there are a lot of ROMs like resurrection remix, AOSP extended and many other which you can find in XDA’s forum. When it comes to customization resurrection remix is best among all. You can customize all the thing including notification bar, home screen, settings and most of the things on your smartphone.

#4. Eliminate Bloatware

When you purchase a phone from a carrier, it often comes packed with bloatware. Custom ROM doesn’t have a bloatware and most of the ROM doesn’t even have Google apps so if you want to use Google apps like playstore and all you need to flash that manually and also you can choose which google apps you want in your Android device. So it comes with no bloatware and saves a lot of your device space. A user can also remove bloatware from manufacturer’s stock ROM if the device has root access but still, a user needs to choose which app to keep and which one to remove. But if you install Custom ROM it will remove all the bloatware from users device.

#5. Smooth Experience

If you choose ROM wisely it will have a smooth interface. Custom ROM is a tweak of Stock Android so it will have very smooth experience just like clean Android.


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#6. Performance Enhancement

Custom ROM comes with almost no bloatware so a user can get rid of bloatware and enhancement in performance.

Moreover, custom ROMs come with custom Kernels and users will have the ability to overclock their device. Overclocking will result in an increase in processing power, again aiding to the performance.

#7. Battery Life Improvement

When there is no bloatware, less app runs in the background and it will result in long-lasting battery life. I am personally using AOSP Extended ROM and my device battery life is increased by 50%. Undercloking the device will also improve the battery life.

#8. Better Camera Result

In Stock ROM you can only use the camera which is pre-installed or from the playstore. But in Custom ROM you can port any camera mod. I am using Google Camera mod on my device which runs on Android Oreo. It doesn’t only improve my camera but it takes my camera to the next level. It supports a lot of features like portrait mode, motion blur and all the features that google camera have.


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#9. Root Access

Many ROMs comes with pre-installed root access so you can get all the advantage that rooted device get. X-posed can be work on a rooted device. There are a lot of benefits of having root access so you can try it yourself.

#10. OTA Updates

Few ROMs providing updates through the OTA so you can directly update your device without losing any data and within your mobile device.


Custom ROMs improves the Android user experience. I can say Android OS is built for the Custom ROMs because Pre-installed stock ROMs is su*ks. There are several disadvantages like it not always gives stability, few bugs and more. But if you choose ROM wisely by researching on XDA forms it will be easy for you. Let us know what is your preference Stock ROM provided by a company or Custom ROM? Comment section is waiting for you 😉

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