Android P DP3 Shows, Upcoming Pixel 3 will Have Wireless Charging Feature

Recently Google has released Android P Developer Preview 3 for Google Pixel devices. It doesn’t have any changes nor have a new feature. However, the team of XDA Developers found some interesting codes that suggest us that Google Pixel 3 could have the support for a wireless charging dock.

Earlier we have seen in hand images of Google Pixel 3 device shows us same design on the back of the front like Pixel 2. However, as the source said to the XDA Developers that there is not a metallic portion on the back of the phone. Moreover, he strongly believes there is glass on the back. So, for one second we can think the company is planning to install wireless charging support in the phone. But, as we have already seen in the OnePlus 6 device. It comes with the glass back design, but not with the wireless charging feature.

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A new code which is found by XDA Developers in new Android Developer Preview 3 suggests that new wireless charging dock is in making.

<permission android:name="" android:protectionLevel="privileged|signature"/>
<uses-permission android:name=""/>
<protected-broadcast android:name=""/>
<protected-broadcast android:name=""/>

As mentioned in the article, the first thing they found in the codes is those permissions which are given by the Android OS to charge the phone wirelessly using a dock. The set of permissions have made the home in the AndroidManifest of the SystemUIGoogle APK of the latest Android P DP3 which is discovered using Google Pixel 2 XL device.

It takes the permission from the ‘Dreamliner service’. And after the proper study of these .smali files (shown in the image above), it is found that Dreamliner and wireless docks are interconnected. There are something relations between them. For now, it is quite difficult to say anything about the wireless charging support will take place in Google Pixel 3 or not. But, we have two evidence that points out towards the positivity. First, the leaked images show the glass on the back of the phone and second, these codes found by the XDA Developers. Let me know what do you think about this!