U.S. ‘AGAIN’ Suspending Huawei’s Licensing System

“We’re not going to do business with Huawei. That doesn’t mean we won’t agree to something if and when we make a trade deal, but we’re not going to be doing business with Huawei.” – Donald Trump during the conference.

All tragedy began back in May 2019 when the United States announced that it won’t be doing the business with Huawei anymore. The U.S. firms were noticed by Trump administrator for canceling the license of Huawei. That way, Huawei seemed that it came down to earth and will lose the Android operating system from hands. However, later on, Trump administration declared that it has removed the Huawei’s U.S. ban.

But, really, ‘once again’ U.S. canceling Huawei’s license system. Firms will not be doing business with Huawei. According to the reports coming from Bloomberg, Donald Trump is suspending the licensing system of Huawei that allows the U.S. firms to work with Huawei. That means in a short time the situation would become as it was earlier.

According to Bloomberg, as of now around 50 different U.S. companies applied for licenses to work with Huawei. However, the commerce secretary Wilbur Ross who works in the department of license applications said that all the decisions on those licenses are currently “pending”.

Now, some of you might aware of the recent China Government’s decision. China administration has announced to cease all the purchases they made from the U.S. on farm goods. So, this decision of the U.S. appears the response to China’s decision. Although Huawei doesn’t have to do anything with agriculture now, it is being suffered in China-U.S. trade war.

Trump administration, before announcing that the U.S. firms could work with Huawei again. But, they will have to apply for a special license to do so. Now, as I mentioned earlier, with today’s report, all the licenses applied by around 50 firms are currently with “pending” status.

Huawei again appears to be in the black market. But, it would indeed affect Huawei in some way. But, nevermind, as we saw earlier, Huawei won’t stop manufacturing their smartphones. Recently, Huawei announced its own operating system – Harmony OS. And now, everyone is waiting for its Harmony OS powering the smartphone.

To watch, please skip the video to 18:35.


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