Top 6 Best Prank Apps – April Fool Day Special

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Tomorrow is April Fool day and everyone should enjoy this beautiful day. So why not prank your friends using Applications. You don’t have to find pranking apps on Google Play Store because I am here with the Top 6 Best Prank application available on the Play Store for your Android device.

But before I start, make sure to read the whole article because I have covered some quick details about the applications in the list and screenshots will help better to understand the things. So, let get into the app list.

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01. Virus Maker Prank

“Virus Maker prank” is an application, which lets you simulate virus infection on the screen of your mobile phone. An application is a set by you time starts a proper program, which is displayed on the screen and simulates a virus. The antivirus program will not detect our application. Your victim will think that his telephone has been infected by a virus and that he will lose all his private photos, documents, and messages. He will panic, afterward, he will find out that this is only a perfect joke!

02. Lie Detector Simulator

When it comes to the truth and lie I think no single application can provide the right results. It is impossible in mobile devices. But with this application now you can prank your friends. This application is created with the simple user interface. So you need to put the finger on the fake fingerprint scanner and it shows the fake result on the screen with the green or the red light.

03. Real Hair Trimmer

Turn your smartphone into a real hair trimmer/clipper/razor now!
This is one of the most realistic apps of its kind, perfect for jokes and entertaining children simulating a real hair trimmer, clipper or shaver.

04. Dude Car

Dude Car is just my personal favorite application. That’s because I can put any car on fire with this application that actually looks real and I can share with my friends. This application shows the different fire styles on the screen you can choose anyone and put any car on the fire.

05. Fake Call Prank

The best to prank anyone is to create the fake call. This application will surely help you if you want to prank your any friends by creating the fake call. There are so many other ‘fake call’ pranking application available on the Google Play Store but this application is quite better from them all.

06. Fake Conversation

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true WhatsApp Messaging functionality. This application is designed to create a fake conversation with anyone you would like. You can easily design fake chats and edit every detail on the screen. Once done you can share them with anyone.

So, let’s the game begin. Start pranking your friends with these six applications.

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