Top 6 Applications Under the Size of 1MB

Sometimes we might judge the application by its size. In most of the cases, larger applications work better because they have well-arranged things with some good user interface as well as animations. There are hundreds of applications available on the Google Play Store having the size less than 1 MB. However, some of them are not useful. From that all I am here with the top 6 extremely useful applications for your Android device having the size less than 1MB.

I have created a quick list of that apps so that will help you to skip app if you already know.

  1. Disk Usage
  2. Dock4Droid
  3. InstaDict
  4. Open in WhatsApp
  5. Via
  6. PhotocZip Lite

01. Disk Usage

Disk Usage is the must-have application in every Android device. I personally use this application. This application analyses the all files and its elements available on your Android device and shows the complete data on the screen. It shows the how much storage has been used by the different applications.

Now the reason why I have added this application because it also shows the hidden folders, subfolders which are on your Android device and you cannot find them in the general file manager application. Basically, those are cache data of the app.

02. Dock4Droid

Dock4Droid application created the Quick App Access dock on Android device. That lets you open any application easily using that dock. Switching between apps becomes much easier and time saving with this application. You can even change the applications in this dock. Set the application that you mostly use on your device.

03. InstaDict

This application helps you to know the meaning of any word, you don’t know. This is the complete dictionary but it doesn’t work like other dictionaries. You don’t have to go into the application to search any word meaning.

If you want to find out the meaning of any work you just have to shake your device and that’s it. This app will show the meaning of that word on the screen. Just Shake and Get the Meaning

04. Open in WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t give the permission to chat with an unknown number in the app. If you save the number it can harm your privacy. For that this application may be the best for you. You can chat with an unknown number without saving them in your device contact list.


You have to just enter the phone number in the application and it will automatically open the chat box in the WhatsApp where you can chat with that number without saving it.

05. Via

Via browser is the s simple browser like others. But it is so smaller in the size and that’s why it is special. With the smaller size, it comes with the Dark Mode theme that you can use.

06. PhotocZip Lite

Sometimes there are some websites or the online forms which only accepts the smaller size photos with the quality resolution. Well, in that case, this application will help you. PhotocZip Lite is the app which allows you to compress your stock images without losing its quality so you become able to upload it anywhere you want. This is also a must-have app on every Android device.

So, that’s it. Let us know what you think about this applications. If we have missed anyone you can freely comment below.