Top 4 App Lock for Android Device 2018 Edition

There are many apps out there which help us to secure our android device and with lots of facilities. Now the question arises which one we should use? We found 5 best app locker for an android device which has got lots of new features.

Nowadays, Most of the device coming with the fingerprint sensor so we will make sure this all will have this feature in so that you can lock apps with the fingerprint sensor and you can unlock it using your fingerprint.

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1. MaxLock

MaxLock is an app locker based on the Xposed Framework. Unlike most other applockers, it uses a battery friendly and efficient event recognition method instead of a polling service.

– NO ADS, NO BLOAT, NO SCAM! (unlike most other app lockers)
– Free software licensed under GPLv3+
– Two implementations available: a powerful Xposed implementation and a less powerful but no-root-required no-Xposed implementation
– Multiple locking types: Password, PIN, Knock code and Pattern
– Android Marshmallow fingerprint support
– Per app locking type and password
– Fake crash feature: spoof crash of locked apps
– MasterSwitch to disable MaxLock on the fly, along with widget, shortcut and Tasker support
– Many UI customization options
– Protection against being uninstalled through device admin permission
– Option to disable/remove the recent thumbnails of locked apps*
– Option to hide the notifications or their content on per-app-basis*
– Possibility to unlock full version even without donating, but donations are still very welcome 😉

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2. Norton App Lock

Just like any other app, it will lock particular application. Also, fingerprint unlocks works in this app. The fingerprint doesn’t work all the time so for that time you can use Fingerprint, Passcode or pattern to unlock your app.

Features of this app are almost similar to the max lock so please refer to it.  You will need Android version higher than 4.1 KitKat to use this app.


3. LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock


Applock provides you overall privacy protection. providing APP LOCK, PHOTOS & VIDEOS VAULT, INTRUDER SELFIE, THEMES, FAKE COVER, FINGERPRINT LOCK, NOTIFICATION LOCK, SAFETY REMINDER TOOLS and more privacy protection.

Features —
App lock: Lock apps containing private content by using pin, pattern, and fingerprint.
Photo & Video Safe Vault: Hide photos. Don’t worry about your private photos getting viewed by others.
Privacy Status: Intelligent privacy protection can scan your privacy status,Protect all your secrets in real time.
Intruder Selfie: Prevent Intruders Who Try to Unlock Your Apps
Fake Cover: Disguise your apps unlock screen to prevent from breaking into your password.
Notification Cleaner: Block and clean junk notifications. Notification Lock: Hide preview notification message text from snoopers.
Free Themes: More free themes make your lock screen Beautifully
Lock apps: lock Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Line, Gallery, Camera, Gmail, Skype.
Lock systems: lock system settings, install/uninstall apps to keep the phone away from being messed up by others or kids.


Lock Google Play Store: lock games and markets to prevent your kids from getting addicted to games or purchasing in markets without your knowledge.
Lock incoming call: Prevent girlfriend to pick up ex-private phone calls
Notification bar: Adding new Notification bar to your screen, for quick lock app or unlock app and more privacy protection tips.
Hide pattern draw path and be invisible: Unlock more secure.
Set random digits as pin keyboard: Unlock more secure.



4. Advanced Protection ☞ AppLock

 AppLock provides app protection. Hide private images and videos. Prevent people snooping secrets in Snapchat, Instagram,, hike messenger and Pinterest etc. Just like the other app this app does the same. This is very famous app from domobile.