Top 3 Free Download Managers for Your Android Device!

Which application are you using to download anything faster on your Android device? Well, there are so many download managing applications available on the Google Play Store for free as well as paid. But which one is perfect that gives almost every features in the one single app! That’s the main question when we stuck in between so many choices.

Don’t worry. This time we have a list of top 3 free download managing application for your Android device that will cover every single feature that you may use on your computer or laptop on your Android device. Not only that, but this application will also work on the lower speed internet connection to download anything in your device with the maximum download speed.

So, let’s get into the in-depth details and find out more about this top 3 free download managing applications.

01. LoaderDroid

This application is the first choice of mine. I am personally using this application on my Android device and it really works very well. I can download anything with the highest speed with this application. The best thing is that this application is, if you want to Pause the download you can do it and you can Resume the downloading anytime you want. This application is freely available in the Google Play Store. However, it also comes in the Pro version but until now I have not used it personally because this free application does everything perfectly.

App Features

  • Resumable Downloads (Continue your downloads from the same place it was interrupted)
  • Auto pause when your connection is lost
  • Auto resume when your connection reappears
  • Intercepts links from your Android Browser and other applications
  • You can define what connection is allowed for each link (WI-FI, 3G, etc)
  • Faster downloading by splitting the download into parts
  • Scheduling
  • Link replacement feature for outdated links
  • Stable, fast and easy to use

02. Advanced Download Manager

The Advanced Download Manager is similar to the LoaderDroid. This application spits the download into the parts and once your file is downloaded completely it combines them and saves the final product into your file manager. This application downloads the files on the maximum speed.

Main App Features

  • Downloading from internet up to three files simultaneously
  • Accelerated downloading by using multithreading (9 parts)
  • Interception of links from android browsers and clipboard
  • Download files in background and resume after failure
  • Loader for images, documents, archives, and programs
  • Downloading to SD-card for Lollipop and Marshmallow
  • Smart algorithm for increased speed of downloading
  • Downloading only through the internet on Wi-Fi
  • Boost downloader for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks
  • Changing the maximum speed in real time
  • Video downloader and music downloader
  • Resuming of interrupted downloads
  • Support files larger than 2 gigabyte
  • Parallel download files in queue

03. Turbo Download Manager

TDM is an excellent tool for those who are constantly in touch with the web. Turbo boost your speed by enabling multiple connections and fine tune it with additional speed performance settings. You can pause/resume anytime and queue multiple downloads. Turn off the screen on your device it will continue the download and even let you know when it’s finished! Automatically resume failed downloads for poor networks.

Main App Features

  • Built-in Web Browser with Bookmarks & History
  • Acceleration with up to 10 multiple threads
  • Turbo Mode for maximum thread utilization
  • Network Boost Mode (Utilize Wifi & Cell Networks – Rooted devices only)
  • Unlimited file size downloads
  • Download directly to SD Card
  • Retry failed downloads when internet becomes available
  • Retry failed download on time intervals
  • Get All files from Web pages
  • Queue/Pause/Resume features
  • Notifications with Download Progress
  • Other Web Browser support (see list below)
  • Up to 3 Parallel downloads
  • Work in the background (even when phone screen is off)

So which one you should download? Let us know in the comment section below!