TikTok Removed From Play Store and Searches for ‘Download TikTok’ Gone Mad

People went crazy when TikTok banned in India a few days back. Well, not actually ban on its use. But it is just removed from Google Play Store. But, do you really think people will stop downloading it? Nope. Of course. Just after its Play Store removal, people went mad and ‘Download TikTok’ keyword went crazy on Google.

TikTok took to the ground for spreading child pornography. It was harming for the young generation, since, there are a bunch of people were using it and still using it. According to Google Trends, the keyword spiked when ban approved.

Recalling the date again, April 16 is the day when the news surfaced online about the Madras High Court, people asking for a ban. And on April 17, actually, (it was my birthday), we got the news that Government passed an order to remove the app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Since then the flaw went for Google search to download TikTok apk.

Earlier, the Indian Government banned a PUBG Mobile game. We can say, India has a good history of banning things. However, worth to consider that TikTok case is completely different from PUBG Mobile. Sharing Pornography content on that platform is illegal.

Let us know what do you think about this ban.