This is How ‘Six Guided Double Helical Mechanism’ Works in Lenovo Z5 Pro

Finally, after tons of different leaks and teasers, Lenovo Z5 Pro launched in China. Started with the Xiaomi Mix series, the bezel-less smartphone was a new trend of 2018. Yes, I know… still one month left for 2019. And I am damn sure that 2019 will be the year of foldable smartphones. Lenovo Z5 Pro launched with pretty impressive specifications. It features Snapdragon 710 10nm Octa-core processor which seems a small upgrade from Lenovo Z5.

Talking about the screen, it has a 6.39-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED screen which comes with the 95.06% screen-to-body ratio which is highest in any smartphones. The chin’s width is 4.98mm due to the COP packaging technology, while the rest three borders are at 2.07mm only. Well, I was much excited for this smartphone to see their new engineered tech for the sliding mechanism installed in this device.

There is no premium feeling when sliding a phone with magnets, the real deal is having a ‘six-guided double-helical power system’ – Lenovo’s Vice President

Now, let us recall the Lenovo’s earlier teaser image which shows us sliding mechanism from inside. While other smartphones like Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 which is launched earlier this month, use the magnets in order to lift the back panel, while the Oppo Find X uses the simple wired motorized mechanism to lift up the camera. In between them, new Lenovo Z5 Pro uses the ‘six-guided double-helical power system’.

Still Confused What It Is?

Six Guided Double Helical system, the word says by itself, Lenovo has installed Double Helical (Herringbone) Gears inside the phone to lift up the back panel. This machinery is completely different from the traditional motorized mechanism which promises more life. Further, it is more durable.

Now, the reason why the helical gear used is pretty simple. The teeth on a helical gear cut at an angle which offers very smooth and quiet operation compared to the spur gears (having straight teeth cut).

The word ‘Six-Guided’ suggests us that the company has placed a total number of six helical gear mechanism in the phone. Two are on top, another two in the center and remaining two are on the bottom of the phone. This allows to lift up the mechanism very smoothly and quick.


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