Things that Xiaomi Should Fix in MIUI!

The price you have to pay for cheaper phones

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Are you a Xioami device user? Then you must know about annoying things and from the last couple of days, people are doing the experience of some unwanted things in MIUI. No doubt the Xiaomi phones are cheaper and most affordable smartphones right now in the market but it looks like the company got some unwanted attractions. So, there are some things that Xiaomi should fix in their MI User Interface.

Xiaomi is now on the fourth place in the best selling smartphone list. According to the mentioned by the Verge, the company is not interested in making money through the selling of hardware. And the really good example is the Poco F1 device. The main aim of Xiaomi is to make people using MIUI and make some money through that. So, at this point, the advertisement becomes necessary to show.

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You will not believe me but the ads are in each and every MIUI application. And the list is too long. However, here’s list where the advertisement pops up — App walt, Music app, Setting app, File manager, Downloads app, Cleaner app, Security app, Themes app, Mi browser app, Mi video app and surprisingly on the home screen in app folders. This is what not people expecting from Xiaomi.

Well, not only the banner ads come up in screen there is a different type of ads like with banner ad I am fine. But, there are also pop up ads and even full-screen apps which is super annoying and no one wants to get it on their mobile phones.

Well, after all this happened, the Verge team has directly contacted the Xiaomi team and in the response, the team said that they will never remove the ads form MIUI. But, instead of that, the company is providing extra settings to turn the ads on or off. Well, I do not agree with the Xiaomi. I mean who wants to pass through those critical methods to turn off ads?


We come around tons of different applications every day and we know every application requires different permissions from you to provide the actual experience. However, there are some unwanted permissions that MIUI applications ask for. I mean let’s just take an example of their Weather application. You can see in the screenshot below, the Weather application asks for the Telephone permission. It kinda weird. The location permission, I get it to locate your city or your area where you live. But, don’t know why they have added Telephone permission.

Second, a Browser application which also asks for a bunch of different permissions like for Telephone and Microphone. Well, we can understand here the Microphone is for voice search just in case if you want to do, but again, I am confused.


In addition with ads and weird permission, MIUI is well known for the bloatware. I mean when you unbox your phone and turn it on, it should have some different useless applications installed. And all these happening for money which Xiaomi want to make through their MIUI. The new Xiaomi phones come with the applications already installed like Flipkart, DailyHunt, Opera Browser, UC Browser, Myntra, PhonePe, Netflix, Opera News, Sharechat, etc.

Yes, this application is useful for all of them who uses them. But, not all people are the same. If you go for some higher budget smartphones like Redmi Note 5 Pro, you will get almost no bloatware. The bloatware is for lower budget smartphones which people highly recommend and plan to go for.

Please do let me know in the comment section what do you think about this.

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