These Could be the Five Camera Lenses on Nokia 9 Pureview Phone

Every day new toy hits the smartphone market. And there is no doubt the OEMs should be working now on one-year advance technology to serve better. Taking an example of some mobile manufacturers especially Vivo, Oppo, Apple, and Samsung. Right now, almost every manufacturer has introduced their toy with dual camera setup.

Alright, coming on the recent Nokia device leak which has surprised all tech industry. The leak shows a mobile phone having a ‘Penta-camera’ setup. Until now we have seen the triple-camera setup on many smartphones. But, now five cameras got their personal houses on upcoming Nokia smartphone. But, you might think about lenses which HMD Global is going to use. Well, here we got you. I guess now you will know what you are curious. As per we get an information from a person, the upcoming Nokia device which will have ‘Penta-camera’ setup will have the following five lenses.

  1. A Regular Lens
  2. Wide Angle Lens
  3. Telephoto Lens
  4. Monochrome Lens
  5. RGB Lens

This could be the five lenses which are going to get housing on the upcoming Nokia phone. If you are aware from the mobile phones, we have seen the Monochrome lens in Huawei P20 Pro device. And in other devices, we already have seen the remaining lenses. The HMD Global is going to merge all of these lenses in one phone. So, in the end, the smartphone will be a full package of different lenses that user will be able to use as per their need.

The dual camera was first introduced by HTC. But at that time people were not sure, the dual camera trend will become highly popular in the future. And later on, the dual camera setup was re-introduced by Apple in their iPhone 7 Plus. Since almost every OEM is now introducing dual cameras on their smartphone. It is not surprising by any means. The dual camera means to make capturing and shooting even easier.


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