The Easiest Way to Block Ads in Android Pie

If your device is running on Android Pie then you don’t need to use any ad blocker application or VPN application to block ads. You don’t even need to download any third party application to block ads from your Android. The premium application Adguard launched their new DNS service which helps you block the ads in your Android running on Pie.

Android Pie has a new feature called private DNS under the Network and Internet settings which allows you to use your own DNS hostname. Here you can use Adguard’s DNS name to block all the ads from your Android device.

How to Block Ads in Pie Running Device

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Network and Internet
  • Tap on Private DNS
  • Select Private DNS Provider hostname
  • Here write down the AdGuard’s hostname – “” for default or “” for family protection.
  • That’s It, Have Ad-Free experience.

This method doesn’t require you to root your device or Install any third party application. This method works most of the time but sometimes it doesn’t work as it can’t fetch the details on a website. In my case, It worked more than 90% time which is a great thing considering you aren’t installing anything.

Check out the AdGuard Blog for more information. 

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