TCL is Working on Foldable Smartphones That Turns into Smartwatch

A Chinese company is best known for selling budget television and also selling smartphone under the Alcatel brand name. A recent report says that TCL is working on a foldable smartphone that turns into the smartwatch.

TCL is working on at least 5 new foldable gadgets: two smartphones, two tablets and one smartphone that turns into the smartwatch.

One tablet has the display that folds inwards and another tablet has the display that folds outside like Flexpie. The two smartphone has a similar concept like tablets, one fold inwards and another outside. The last phone that everyone’s eyes on folds like a wrist band so the one can use it as a smartwatch.

The first foldable smartphone launched was a flexpie and Samsung will also launch their first foldable smartphone on February 20. The smartphone design is adopting new technology and every company is eager to launch its foldable smartphone in 2019.

The images are introductory and company might change their plans. It’s yet unclear that when this smartphone will hit the market. We don’t even know yet if the company is planning to launch outside of China.

TCL has a big name in the Television industry but in the smartphone industry, barely a few people know the brand Alcatel. Alcatel is mostly known in China having little share in the smartphone industry.

Most of the smartphone manufacturers are working on a foldable smartphone and that is why Google announced that their upcoming Android Operating system Android Q will support the foldable display officially.

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