Stock Android vs Android One vs Android Go

For a long time, we have seen different types of Android like Stock Android, Android One, Android Go or Tweaked like Samsung experience, EMUI, MIUI, Oxygen OS. So what is the difference between stock Android, Android One, and Android Go? Android Authority covered legit points to explain the difference.

Stock Android

Nexus and Pixel devices came with the Stock Android. These devices get Android directly from the Google. If Google has to deliver something or want to provide an update, User directly get from the Google. These devices are first to experience the latest Android version. There are a lot of things that users like about the Stock Android. No Bloatware at All, Stock Android comes with no bloatware so even if you want to use a sound recorder or basic features like screenshot edit, you need to download an app from playstore. So no bloatware means, smooth experience and no lag at all. That’s what users like most about Stock Android.

Android One

Android One was originally launched in India back in 2014. The smartphone vendors who don’t have a software team to provide an update or develop software they can use this program. Under this program, Google designs the software for that particular device and is responsible to give regular updates, by that OEM can make and sell their smartphone and don’t have to worry about software thing.

Android One is a paid service while Android is free. So because Google has to develop and provide updates the company who wants join this program, they have to pay Google for that. Recently Xiaomi, Nokia, and going for the Android One.

Android Go

Android Go is made for the low-end smartphones. Low-end smartphones which have less RAM and storage, which can’t afford big apps like YouTube, Gmail, Maps because their size is a lot for the device. It will basically fill up the device. So, Google launched Android Go. All Google apps included in this is very lightweight like Maps Go, Gmail Go. They are made for the low-end device so it works smooth and can also access all the Google services.

Android Go doesn’t come directly, Google sends it to the Manufactures like Nokia and Nokia releases its code. So whenever an update is provided by Google, Nokia has to release it. Android Go hasn’t been seen by many in more developed countries, but that will change over time as it picks up steam.

Here, Stock Android gets security updates every month. While Android One security updates are not regular, They skip a month. While Android Go, there is nothing regular. It skips 2-3 updates sometimes.

Wrapping it up, Stock Android is Love, You get timely update and Firmware updates at very first. Android Go is for mid-range smartphones and is as good and similar as stock Android and Android Go is good for low-end smartphones.