Spotify or YouTube Music? – Which One You Should Go For in India

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Spotify made its successful launch in India and it is probably the world’s most used online music streaming service. Numbers might surprise you but within one week of launch, the application has crossed more than 1 million downloads. And probably, no app gained such huge numbers in one week including other streaming services like Saavn, Gaana and Hungama Music.

To take over the industry (because YouTube thinks it can) YouTube Music has now made an entry on Indian Play Store. It is now available to download. Now, you might be confused about which one you should go for if you are purchasing a premium membership. And it is an obvious question because both platforms have good impressions.

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Before we dig into the comparison, I want to tell you that, I will not be considering a number of songs available. Because there might be a case where YouTube Music has songs available and Spotify has not or vice-versa. And I don’t think it should happen because most scenario all song pops up in search results.

Sound Quality Matters, But Then When You Have Quality Hardware to Listen

Kicking things off with the Spotify, with the free version, you can listen to all songs but till the ‘High’ quality setting which is perfect for the majority of people in my opinion. Because passing through Premium subscription for me it kinda sounds gimmick to have a ‘Very High’ quality setting. Yes, it is noticeable when you have a high quality of headphones or earphones or other hardware to listen.

While in YouTube Music environment, sound quality doesn’t matter. You have a video playing right in front of you which you can even set on high-quality settings. You can even play in 4K resolution if it is available. Because it’s kind of YouTube platform having only songs.

But, You Have to Admit It that Spotify is Far Better In Terms of Playlists

YouTube Music is a little bit of new, we can say, in the music industry. And as I said earlier, the concept is converting music streamline from YouTube in a dedicated application. And I can prove. Just check the screenshots I captured below. I tried to search for Billboard Top 100 playlist. And you can see what I got in the search results. Also, do notice, the search results are the same on the YouTube app and YouTube Music app. No difference.

Spotify – YouTube Music – YouTube App

You have to admit it that Spotify is far better in terms of the playlist. They provide new playlist regularly and as I have noticed almost every day depending upon songs you are listening. And that’s what I definitely want and what others might want. So, here it is definitely worthy for what it takes from you.

Do You Really Think to Watch Video You Should Go For YouTube Music Premium?

To be honest, I loved the way YouTube Music app developed. You can watch music videos at the same time you are listening. With the free version, you can also watch videos. Although free version won’t allow you to listen to song offline. But that’s not the case here. To watch the video it is obvious you have to keep your display turned on. Now, you watch on free YouTube service or on the music player, in my opinion, its the same case.

Some people might say, “Dude, I have a playlist made in YouTube Music, so, I can easily play songs from there.” So, hands up for them. I have no answer.

Cannot Neglect the Subscription Cost

Heading up on services you get if you purchase Premium membership. So, Spotify costs Rs. 199 per month for Premium membership while YouTube Music costs only Rs. 99 per month. And if you go for a combo pack which costs Rs. 129 per month, you also get YouTube Premium which is still Rs. 70 less compared to Spotify. So, the deal is clear here. And everyone should definitely think about going for YouTube Music. But, please do read the following point as well.

Spotify Connect Feature is One Of My Favourite But Annoys Sometime

Just in case if you don’t know, Spotify connect feature allows users to switch between devices easily if they are connected to the network (not necessary to have a same) and use Spotify app as a remote. Although it sounds nice and helpful, sometimes it annoys as well.

Taking an example of the same account logged in two different smartphones, you can only play a song on one of them at the same time. So, if you are thinking of using the same account in two different devices after purchasing premium, it won’t be possible.

While in the case of YouTube Music, I have checked there is no such boundary. YouTube Music runs differently on a smartphone app and computer or in another smartphone. So, maybe after purchasing Premium, you can play different songs on different devices (device limit applicable).

So, do let me know what you are thinking. I appreciate your comment and the time you spent to read this article.

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