Snapdragon 8150 Crushes The Competition with the Highest AI Score

Qualcomm is working on a new chipset to compete the market in 2019. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or 8155 will launch in early 2019 which will be made on 7nm Technology. The shipment will start after that and you might see device sporting Snapdragon 8150 after February 2019 and the first device could be Samsung Galaxy S10.

Every Chip manufacturer is focusing on AI more this year. Huawei introduced Kirin 980 with dual neural engine and Samsung also mentioning it on their new chip Samsung Exynos 9820. Earlier Apple introduced A12 which has eight cores neural engine.

We are not completely sure about how many cores you will see in Snapdragon 8150 but the leaked scores suggest that it has the best AI engine in any chipset.

Snapdragon 8150 coupled with 6GB RAM scores the whopping 22,082 score which is highest at this moment. Helio P80 follows the leader and scores the 19,453 overall scores.

AI Benchmark goes through multiple tasks and calculates how much time does it take to identify the object or subject in a picture and gives the score for the particular round and after all round completes it gives the final result.

I decided to run an AI Benchmark on my Poco F1 and surprisingly it received 5852 scores and ranked on a 3rd position of “Smartphone AI Benchmark”.

Considering Helio P70 doesn’t perform well in AI Benchmark, Upcoming Helio P80 scores almost double than the Helio P70. Also, OnePlus 6 running on Snapdragon 845 comes very close to the Helio P80. So, We are expecting Snapdragon 8150 and Helio P80 to score high when it release.


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