Samsung to Invest $116 Billion in Processor Business

Samsung has announced a $116 Billion plan to take over the lead in the mobile chipset manufacturer. As reported by Bloomberg, The company announced 10 Years Plan. The Korean technology company is leading the memory business right now. Samsung is also one of the best Smartphone Display manufacturers in the world at this moment.

Samsung is making its own processor called Exynos lineup. But even the latest and powerful chipsets are falls behind the industry-leading chipset from Qualcomm, Apple and Huawei’s Kirin. So from now to 2030, Samsung will be putting $9.6 billion a year in the chipset line to give it a push and lead the chipset business.

All the invested money will not only go for the R&D but it will be also used for foundries and other mass production units. The company plans to lead the chipset business by 2030. Hopefully, this investment will improve the performance of Exynos chipset which will benefit Galaxy lineup at the end.

Samsung plans to hire 15,000 employees to lead the processor business. To conclude, Samsung will be stepping up its semiconductor business and plans to earn money with every smartphone sells as many OEM will use the parts from Samsung.