Samsung Reclaims Top Spot in India’s Premium Smartphone Market; Leaving Behind OnePlus, Apple

OnePlus stayed at the top position in India’s premium Smartphone market for consecutive 3 quarter and after a long time, Samsung Reclaims the Top spot leaving behind OnePlus and Apple.

The New Samsung Galaxy S10 Series helped the company to reclaim the top position. – Counterpoint Research said on Wednesday.

Samsung, OnePlus, and Apple takes over 90% of Indian Premium Market and the brand like Huawei, Xiaomi and Asus share the remaining 10% of the market share.

According to CounterPoint, Samsung had a 44% market share in the high-end segment followed by OnePlus with 26% market share and Apple with a 19% market share. In the last quarter, OnePlus was leading the market with a 36% market share followed by Apple with a 30% market share and Samsung with a 26% market share.

However, Apple’s market share keeps decreasing and the company is struggling to stop the decline. Apple has planned to manufacturer its flagship iPhone models in India by the end of 2019.

On the response, OnePlus is all set to launch its premium smartphone series OnePlus 7. This time not only one but the company will introduce two models targetting different price segment. It will be interesting to see how OnePlus manages to get the sell for OnePlus 7 Pro while iPhone Xr and Samsung Galaxy S10e is available at the same price point.