New Images Shows Prototype of Samsung’s Project V, Cancelled Foldable Smartphone

We know, next year at MWC 2019, Samsung will be unveiling its foldable smartphone. The company’s foldable smartphone is continuously in talks from when the foldable screen prototype was showcased at this year CES. Bundle of leaks and rumors shows different possibilities. Meanwhile, new images surfaced online shows Samsung’s canceled foldable smartphone which was made under the Project V.

We have seen ‘foldable smartphone‘ but not ‘foldable screen smartphone‘. The words say everything for what we are waiting. The leaked which claims to have Samsung’s prototype are below. The device design is completely matched with the patent that we have seen earlier in the previous year. The company has not launched this foldable smartphone on the market. Later on, the launch was canceled.

The design looks similar to the previously launched Axon M which was the foldable smartphone from ZTE. You can fold device and use it with the single screen and unfold it to use it with the dual screen. Just like that, the images show Samsung device looks very thick.

Now, it is clear that company has already developed a foldable smartphone which leads us to think about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X device. Samsung was working on its foldable smartphone project which was named Project V. The prototype shown in the image has a model number SM-G929F. If we take a look at Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 model number they are SM-G925X and SM-G930X, respectively. So, we can come to the conclusion that device was likely manufactured around 2015-2016. Further, the button placement and antenna lines also point out towards the same design as S6 and S7. You can see the date on the home screen which shows when the device was tested. It shows the date January 7th.

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