Samsung’s New ISOCELL Sensors Will Enable Portrait Mode on Cheaper Phones

You all might have heard about the Samsung’s new ISOCELL image sensors. For this ISOCELL sensor to work on their upcoming Samsung devices, they announced the ‘Software” yesterday.

Samsung introduces its all-new ISOCELL Sensor that allows users to take more clear, sharpen and super slow-mo videos from the devices. But to run such type of featured sensors, it is necessary to have a the well-optimized software. Yesterday, Samsung introduced the complete solution to run this ISOCELL camera sensors on the devices. Samsung has focused on the two features which are the most popular nowadays. Those are Bokeh mode and Low light shooting.

Nowadays, smartphone cameras are used by everyone and as per the survey, it is found people loving the Bokeh effect in their clicked images and every smartphone maker now working on better software solutions. Okay, apart from this, as per the Samsung claims with these all-new ISOCELL sensors and the well-optimized software will help to enable this feature in the cheaper phones too.

Honestly, if you think about to implement this type of feature in the mobile devices it costs more and as a result the price increases and therefore, now Samsung has decided to provide the ISOCELL sensors and the software that will help to run these sensors on the cheaper phone, to the other mobile phone brands for their cheaper phones.

Ben K. Hur, the vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics said – “Dual cameras are delivering new and exciting photo-taking experiences on mobile devices. Samsung’s total solution for ISOCELL Dual will make our customers’ product development process easier, allowing them to bring the most optimized dual camera features to a wider range of consumers.”

As per the recent trend dual cameras are much loved by the users. However, for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufactures) it can be more difficult to produce them and give a place on their mobile phones with the well-optimized software. Here Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual Sensors and sensor optimized software make the whole process very simple.