Samsung Working on Under-display Camera Tech; a Last Challenge to Overcome for All Display Design

Smartphone tech industry is quite a bit fast. The manufacturers are already working on a better solution to utilize the hardware. Whether you are from notch family or pop-up camera family or from the display cut-out, it doesn’t matter to us. Because Samsung is now working on under-display camera tech that you will soon see in a smartphone. Although it would take time the information has been recently confirmed by a Korean media company.

Frankly speaking, nowadays, manufacturers have moved on for under-display camera tech and also there is a solution to hide speakers as well. The remaining only challenge in providing full display design is to hide camera hardware. Thankfully, it seems now, it won’t be too long. As confirmed by the company’s vice president of the display Research and Development group, Yang Byung-Duk, the company is currently working on a selfie camera solution.

Technology can be developed to the extent that the camera hole is invisible and does not affect the functionality of the camera or the display.

Although, the source didn’t make particular things clear like when exactly we will see the first prototype or how much time it will take to be implemented on phones. But, I would say, it could take more than a year and if everything goes well, you can expect this technology in the next generation Galaxy S series lineups.

Of course for everyone, this is good news. And how it will work is still a mystery. We would definitely love to know how exactly it works and how it will look like in working condition. So, as we get further information we will keep you posted.