Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Beat Pixel 2 and iPhone X: DxO Mark

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: two new flagships just arrived recently at Mobile World Congress 2018 has some unique, repeated and new features. Let we consider the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus here that’s because of some additional features. Samsung has installed dual camera setup on the S9 Plus. This is the first ever camera in the device which can switch its aperture mechanically. It can switch between the f/1.5 to f/1.4 which depends upon the conditions of the exposure. Further in-depth details you can catch our amazing article here!

What Do You think?

And here DxO score just arrived for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Smartphones are getting more and more cameras now and that’s the thing makes us so much confusing that on which smartphone we should stop scrolling and click on the buy button. In that case, DxO Mark is for us. The company checks every small detail and passes the smartphone through different tests. At the end, the quality is shown by the number. Okay, so the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus got the 99 DxO Score. Results are here below!


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As you can clearly see, the device got the overall score of 99 where it has 104 in the photo department and 91 in the video department. Now for all of those who do not know, the number is not out of 100. If you will see some DxO scores of high-end cameras it will be around 200 or 180, something like that. So you can say this is just level in terms of smartphones when it comes to the camera.

The Samsung device did pretty well in the photo department. If you take a look at some features like Autofocus, Bokeh, Color, Texture than device got the 62, 50, 81, 67, respectively and the overall score is 104 and in the video department, the camera has everything better. Color, Contrast, Autofocus, etc. and the overall is 91. So comparing to the Google Pixel 2 and iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera is slightly better. No significant difference there. Google Pixel 2 achieved the 98 DxO Mark score and iPhone X achieved 97 DxO Mark score.

If you want to check the camera picture samples, you can go on official DxO Mark website.