Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Hole will have Special Effect Around!

Samsung is working on their upcoming flagship devices. The company will launch multiple devices adding to the S10 Series; Those could be S10 Lite, S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G variant. Samsung will be using their O Infinity display technology in their S10 series.

As per the report from XDA, There will be a new effect around the camera hole when the app opens. This tech is already implemented on the Samsung Galaxy A8s. The below video shows how the effect will work in Samsung Galaxy S10/Plus devices.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will have one front camera while its big brother will sport dual front camera and pill notch so the effect will be circular in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

What we have till now?

Samsung is definitely impatient to launch its device with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which will be two times faster. We probably will have the four different Galaxy S10 variants that include: Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10 5G version.

Citing older rumors, Samsung will be releasing the S10 lineup with two different SoC. One with Snapdragon 855 or 8150 and other with their own chip Exynos 9820. Samsung Exynos 9820 is an 8nm chip whereas Snapdragon 855 will be based on the 7nm Processor. There are rumors that Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant will have whooping 12GB of RAM with a total of 6 cameras. We are excited to see the new Galaxy device and if you want further information, do check out our older covered stories.


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