Samsung Galaxy S10 Automatically “Crops” Images in Third-party Camera Apps

Samsung Galaxy S10 users are quite busy in searching for the wallpapers which are designed to hide the front-facing camera of the phone. But, it seems the front-facing camera of Galaxy S10 lineup devices is having some sort of issue with the FoV. The view has been zoomed in than the actual camera app.

In Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup, the company has made the cropped zoom in default selfie mode for portrait images instead of providing the FoV (field-of-view) of the lens. And because if this software trick other third-party applications such as Instagram, Discord, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are using the cropped view as reported by the users in Samsung community.

Samsung Camera | Instagram Camera

This is arguably inconvenient in many situations. Most of the time when a user wants to take a mode wider images to capture scenes using third-party applications. Users have also reported that there is also no switch provided to zoom-out.

Well, it is still unknown, whether this is indeed Samsung’s software issue or the problem is in third-party applications. But anyway, right now it is important that this problem solved as early as possible so that users can users feel happy to take images using third-party applications.

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