Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will Have Physical Button on the Bottom

The rumor mill was quite perfect for the Samsung Galaxy S9 device. As the device was supposed to launch with the volume rocker, a dedicated ‘Bixby’ button and a fingerprint sensor placed below the camera. Same we have in modern time. The Galaxy Note 9, however, will have the similar footprint of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could come with the physical button.

What for it should be?

As we have seen in earlier leaks shared in out Telegram channel, there is a twist in the design of the phone. Just a moment: to get instant updates and leak information join our Telegram channel. The company has plans to launch this device with the physical button that let user capture screenshots or access camera app and shoot images.

The trend of such physical keys we have seen in many Sony smartphones. In Xperia smartphone case the button will more likely act as a quick action for the camera. So, press two times open camera and press one time to shoot a picture. However, the button was limited to capture only images from the camera. But, in case of Samsung, it could be used for multiple functions.

According to the tech website, the Korean giant Samsung has filed a trademark named “perfect capture technology”. The same is hinted as the shutter key. So, more likely there will be the existence of physical button on the phone that would help users to capture screenshots as well as navigate to the camera app.

It will no wrong to say that Samsung is planning to focus more on the camera pictures from the Samsung Galaxy S9 lineup. As we know the device has already a dedicated key for the ‘Bixby’. So, one more physical key should be to perform a quick action. Right now, we only know the report, it is hard to say anything about what is that key for. Samsung could make a twist in their software.

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