Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Things That You Don’t Know About!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Launch is very close. We have seen almost every leaks about this device If you don’t know much about this device you can read it on our website.

There are a few things that you might not know about Samsung Galaxy Note 9, That you need to know before it comes out.

Heres some things you might’ve not read about yet based on teasers/leaks.

Crown (Note 9)

  • preorder comes with either a Wireless AKG noise-canceling headphones ($299 retail) or Fortnite Gaming package OR gets both for $99

  • Samsung will sell s-pens so users can pick different colors

  • 40 seconds of s-pen charging gives you 30 MINUTES of use

  • S-pen shutter button mechanic lets you double tap the button to flip camera mode

  • the color of your s-pen will be the color of your off-screen memo font

  • 6.4 inch but VERY similar footprint as note 8, it fit my note 8 case

  • the new camera features AI technology, which optimizes the camera based on the type of landscape, person, animal, food, etc.

  • the new camera also has speech bubbles that pop out if it detects your picture having any imperfections (blurriness, eyes blinking, handshaking too much, etc.)

  • only need to use HDMI cable to turn note 9 into DEX, no need for the dex pad

  • while using DEX, you can use the note 9 to take off screen notes in case you’re watching say a presentation or video

Galaxy Watch (no longer called gear s4)

  • comes in 46 mm and 42 mm sizes to suit men and women

  • features a new rose gold color

  • the bigger sized watch can last “7 days”, and is similar footprint to the Gear Sport

  • DOES NOT have MST technology, only NFC for Samsung Pay

  • features 40 workout modes compared to the 10 in GS3

Besides that, whatever you’ve read via leaks are mostly correct, including internal specs, battery, phone variants, accessories.