Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

Samsung recently launched Galaxy M10 and M20 targetting online consumers. Both the device offers good value for money especially considering the Samsung brand. The Galaxy M20 and M10: both runs on Android 8.1 Oreo-based on Samsung Experience 8.5.

1. Enable Fingerprint Gestures

You can use a rear fingerprint sensor to navigate the notification panel. This feature is disabled by default so you need to enable it from the setting. You can swipe down to fingerprint to pull down notification panel, another swipe will let to access the quick icons. You can swipe up to collapse notification panel.

Navigate to Settings –> Advance Features –> Fingerprint Sensor Gesture and enable it.

2. Enable Dolby Atoms

Another useful feature of Samsung Galaxy M20 is Dolby atoms. Dolby Atoms will increase the sound quality, It will render virtual three-dimensional space over built-in speakers or headphones. For some reason, Dolby Atoms is disabled by default but you can enable it manually.

Navigate to, Settings –> Sounds and Vibration –> Sound quality and effects and enable it.

3. Hide The Notch

Samsung Galaxy M20 has Infinity V Display and very small notch but if you still mind the notch you can hide it from the settings.

Navigate to Settings –> Display –> Full-Screen Apps  and disable it.

4. Manual Camera Mode

Samsung Galaxy M20 and M10 have similar camera setup and the main strength is you can use pro (manual) mode to take better pictures if you know how to use it. To use it professionally you need to have knowledge of exposer, ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

Navigate to Camera –> Swipe Right Two times to Open Pro Mode. 

5. Customize Navigation Bar

With the Galaxy M20, you can customize the navigation bar as you want. You can move back bottom to the left or right as per your preference. You can also disable the navigation bar and use navigation gestures to navigate system apps.

Navigate to Settings –> Display –> Navigation Bar –> Show and Hide Button Enable. 

6. Multi-Tasking

You can open more than one app at the same time and can also use more than one app at the same time. There is a feature called Enhanced multi-window in Samsung Galaxy M20 which is disabled by default.

This feature is quite similar to the split screen but it lets you allow more than 2 apps at the same, unlike split screen which only allows two apps at a time.

Navigate to Settings –> Advance Feature –> Multi Window. 

7. Hide Albums in Gallery

Sometimes you want to hide a particular album from the gallery. Well, You don’t need to download a third party app from the Playstore to do that. You can hide the album from the gallery in Samsung Galaxy M20.

Navigate to Gallery –> Tap on Three dots in Corner –> Tap Hide or Unhide Albums. 

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