Samsung Galaxy F: Pricing and Launch Date!

A Tech Giant Company Samsung recently showed us Samsung Galaxy F, first Samsung’s foldable smartphone at Samsung Developer Conference. The device is said to be very expensive because it’s the first generation and the company is producing a limited number for the first series.


Talking about a display, It has dual display. The primary display is 4.58-inch Display and when one opens, it becomes tablet of 7.3-inch. As you can see in the video, the smartphone folds in half and converts in the compact device which can be used everywhere. But, when you open it you get big 7.3-inch Display with 4:3 aspect ratio.


Samsung CEO Koh Dong said in an interview that the company will manufacture at least 1 million pieces to sell in the market. The device will be available in a limited number of a market for the first year.


Samsung’s Foldable smartphone is the first generation device and that is why it is obvious that pricing will be higher than what you’re expecting. Samsung Galaxy F will be priced at $1770 which is approximately Rs. 1,30,000.


Samsung hasn’t announced what will be the hardware but we are expecting it to be the top notch as the pricing is more than $1700. It could feature the latest Snapdragon 855 or Samsung’s own Exynos 9820 which is yet to be launch on 14th November.


Recently Google announced Android support for the foldable smartphone. So, The Android Q will officially support the foldable devices. Google and Samsung both working to optimize the Software for the foldable smartphone. The device will reportedly come with Android Pie.


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