Samsung Galaxy A70s to Feature Samsung’s Tremendous 64MP Camera

Samsung announced its 64MP ISoCELL Samsung GW1 sensor in the market two weeks ago. Samsung GW1 is the highest resolution sensor available in the market right now. This sensor will enter the mass production in the second half of 2019 so that’s when you can expect smartphones with a 64MP sensor.

A new report from South Korea claims that Samsung will use GW1 64MP sensor in its mid-range device dubbed Samsung Galaxy A70s. Samsung decided to use the highest megapixel sensor on its mid-range device instead of a flagship device. It also claims that Galaxy Note 9 will have a different sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A70 was launched last year with the first A-series smartphone to pack with a 25W fast charger. The successor of A70 is expected to be a great value smartphone. Samsung Galaxy A70is expected to arrive in the second half of 2019 but it didn’t mention if it will launch before Galaxy Note 10 or after.

Samsung always tends to use the basic features to its mid-range device before implying it to its flagship series. Galaxy A8s was the first Samsung’s smartphone to feature a punch hole display.

64MP Samsung ISOCELL GW1 Features:

The ISCCELL Samsung GW1 offers the highest megapixel resolution on any smartphone camera sensor. The 64MP Camera sensor offers 0.8μm pixel image size. The camera sensor can combine 4 pixels into 1 and can create a 16MP image with rich details and better colors.

Samsung GW1 is equipped with DCG (Dual Conversion Gain) which converts received light into an electric signal which helps to capture more lights and resulting into lower noise and better color accuracy. It also supports PD which is high-performance autofocus technology that can deliver sharper images.

In terms of video recording, Samsung GW1 can capture FullHD video at 480fps (frames per second).